Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ah, so.

Three races into the season so far: two Snake Creek Gaps and one Icycle. The latter should be pronounced just like the word icicle and not to be made to sound like I-Cycle. The word Bicycle rhymes more with icicle than I-Cycle anyway. Only people who don't ride bikes say "bi-cycle." Like today, when I went to the YWCA to become a member (hey, now...) the woman was like, "Oh, you rode your bi-cycle here. That's great." And I was like, "Heh-heh, yeah. Bi-cycles." And then I went to work out with old people.

Anway. It's icicle. Or Icycle. No need to pronounce differently just because they spelled it with a "y" instead of an "i." But maybe I should check with Wes Dickson before I publish this. But never one to do what I should, I won't.

I got 2nd to Jamie. Like always and forever. Ah well. She's currently winning the Snake Creek series by like a million minutes. I think I'm in third now. And supposedly Willow's coming to SNC #3, which means I need to step up my game like woah.

Not really wanting to make excuses, but since everyone else does, I will too....I've been racing my singlespeed, which is all I have now since I gave my parts to the Mister and while I'm waiting on my Robot Bike from Independent. I'm super stoked. They recycle Robots into Bikes, is how its done, I think. They're a great company, and I'm really excited to be riding for them this season.

Speaking of which, a couple boys from IF came and played these past few days, and that was pretty cool. We did neat things like riding bikes, playing cribbage, and making home fries. Harlen is officially #1 on the Cool List, which he managed by his ability to portray his unabashed awesomeness in the most over-top and understated way possible. What did that sentence mean? I have no idea...but basically, Harlen rocks my face off, and I'm very humbled, honored, etc. to be racing with and for him. We made sense of my annual training plan this weekend and created an awesome race schedule, and he inundated me with invaluable advice, which I will take to heart, and try to follow. My goals are learning how to J-Hop all pretty over big ol' logs (like, over 8 inches, heh-heh, uh...) and learning how to rest. The latter is going to suck.

Otherwise, besides bike riding and not working, I'm working on ordering seeds for our little garden plot, working on trying to find work, exciting about getting to work this Friday splitting wood for Sarah's grandparents, and I've joined the Greenman Brewery's women's soccer team. Honestly, I'm a little nervous, having not played outdoor team soccer since high school. Oh well. I lost my dignity long ago, I have no one else to fool.

Asheville on Bikes canceled their little ride around town today because of the rain, which I think is missing the point, and I had a conversation with the folks at Riverlink about bikes as reliable transportation, and how disconcerting it is that bikes don't usually count as reliable to most people. Fools. Anyway, in the spirit of my inability to rest, I'm carrying on with my individual Critical Mass ride, which could be called a Lack-of-Critical-Mass-and-the-Point-Entirely-Missed Ride, which is just me zipping around town on my townie, trying to simultaneously find inspiration and inspire. Usually I just wind up at the library to check my back account and write on this Blahg. But someday...
Don't get the message? Ah well.