Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Races, Places, and Sad Faces

After eons of on-again, off-again, the boy and I as an institution are officially R.I.P, which means, obviously, that I've been listening to a lot of awful (i.e. amazing) country music these past few days. Favorites lately are anything by Taylor Swift (amazing or awful? I hear there's a certain Super Pro in town that thinks the former...not to spread any unfounded rumors or anything...it's just what I heard) and whatever that "under the lights of the neon moon" song is. Oh, and the ultimate depressed cowboy song: "put some whiskey in my whiskey." I'm still a dignified lady, however, so I just put my whiskey in some ginger ale. Or the other way around, depending. I did see BioWheels Dennis pour some kegged Yuengling into an empty PBR can after last weekend's Massanutten Hoo-Ha. I'm not sure where that fits in on the emotional spectrum, but either way, it rocks.

Speaking of the Hoo-Ha, I guess I have a bit of race-report catch-up to do. Because this could potentially be quite voluminous, I'll offer the abridge version for now:
  1. Ducktown -- Good race, I love that course. It was muddy and wet and awesome. I was pleased.
  2. Dirt, Sweat, and Gears -- I raced the "12 hr" with Robb, who is cool and fast despite being from Ohio. But you should read Dicky's rendition of the race, because that man is hilarious, and surprisingly accurate.
  3. Singlespeed USA -- Intimate two-day race scene at Hawkes Creek Farm, a slice of privately-owned paradise in northern GA. I met, and dare I say, mananged to befriend, some amazing people, including Scott Hodge of Addictive Cycles, who raced a fixed (and brakeless) steel IF, which reminds me of another country song: "I saw God today..."
  4. Bump and Grind -- This was supposed to be my first "A" race of the season, but I failed to pull off anything remarkable, even by my lowly standards. Everyone showed up for this one--I mean, the for-real Pros. The start was very, very fast. I don't remember the rest.
  5. Massanutten Hoo-Ha -- Stunningly beautiful location; long, flat, rocky ridges, flowy trails into endless rock gardens. And mega-props to the folks who built the trails- fine works of masonry to put it lightly. Another "ugh" sort of race for me, mainly because my heart got ripped out just a few days earlier, and those things are kind of important, it seems. I tried to be all angry and fast, but instead I was just sad and pokey.
With that out the way, I'd like to give a full race-report on the Mayhem Alleycat, which turned out quite nicely. After a brief run-in with some friendly police-men (apparently, selling t-shirts in public areas without a permit isn't cool by cops'-standards), a very fair and civilized conversation, and me ensuring the sheriff that, "next time, I'll learn the laws before I break them," they let us carry on with our bicycle race. I kind of want to go tell my story to the Asheville Copwatch Support Group next Tuesday, but I don't think I'd fit in. Anyway, some of the coolest people managed to become even cooler in my little mind by helping out at checkpoints and metal-working some amazing looking trophies/beer coozies: Robb at the Pumptrack, Caroline at the Slip-n-slide, Eric at the paper-boat race, Megs my BFF with me at the flip-hammer, and Alex slaving away in the metal shop producing those great trophies for the top three. I wish I had a picture...but you'll just have to visit Sunshine Cycles in Athens, GA to see the winners'. And while we all know in our hearts that, technically, everyone is a winner, the winners for reports' sake were:

First Place: Ben and Chris of Athens. How the hell did the out-of-townies win? And Chris was on a Polo-bike gear. I still don't get it.
Second Place: Gabe and shoot, I forget his name...I'm such an asshole. They won a tattoo from Galen at Freeks and Geeks.
Third Place: Phil Shaw

And honorable mentions to Christine for being the only one to get the "UNCA student's name, phone number and major" bonus and to Rob (the welder, not the Ohioan) for being the only one to go to the Jewish Cemetary checkpoint. It should be noted that at some as-of-yet-undecided date there will be a midnight crit at this same Cemetary, so stay posted...and in the meantime, you kids should learn where this is.

Anyway, I love community building events, I love bikes, and I love everyone being respectful and happy--this was the most ideal synthesis of these three ever. Thanks to everyone who raced and helped out, again and again.

So back to real life, I'm leaving my shattered little heart in a pile for the time being, I suppose until I get annoyed with it enough to clean it up. In the mean time...my new job is the jam, I just made the best biscuits of my life (they fucking rock, not to toot my own horn or anything) its summer, which means there's enough time to run, work eight hours, mountain bike, drink a beer, water my plants, and still have enough daylight to read outside until it gets too dark and I can call it a day. So it's really not that bad. Moving on..."forward, never straight" as that guy who stole my heart once said...usually right before he left me in his dust blowing through a yellow light. Oh well.